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I’m OBSESSED With Creating More Student Success Stories. So Let Me Simplify the Process For You...

“It could never happen to me...”

That phrase has kept more people stuck than I could imagine. But here’s the thing… it’s a LIE! Because I’ve helped create well over TEN brand new millionaires (all from scratch).

And the roadmap laid out in this book is practical, simple to follow, and will let you get started with stocks right away.

Because you can’t learn this stuff in college (and there are very few people who know how to do it well).

So… let’s fix that.

You’ll See:

  • Why “Making It” With Stocks Is NOT a Fantasy
  • Step By Step Instructions That Make Anyone Feel Like They Can Take On the Stock Market
  • Why Penny Stocks?!
  • The 4 Best Brokers For Trading Penny Stocks
  • How to Scan For Potential Plays
  • My Top Five Penny Stock Patterns
  • The #1 Tip I’ve Learned!
  • How to Get Started If You're Brand New
  • Finding the Most Volatile Stocks On the Market

Strategies Designed to Help You Succeed:

  • Relevant to ANY Market Condition
  • Maximizing Profits
  • Minimizing Losses
  • Growing an Account Over Time

Here's What To Do Next

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Because I’ve made it my personal mission to help people - full stop.

I’m CONFIDENT this book could help you because it helped so many others. And every time a person changes their life, the lives of their families, it’s a win for everyone.

If I just have to give away a few books to help people do that - I’m gonna do it!

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Thanks for taking the time to read this message. Let me know how your life has changed after you read the book and TAKE ACTION.

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— Tim Sykes

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"Everything you need to know to get started in one book! Highly recommend"

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"A Well-Organized, Easily-Digestible Trading Book for the Aspiring Trader"

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"Excellent Book! If you’re learning to trade penny stocks this book is a must have."


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